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  • How to Legally Avoid All IRS Taxation?
    It may seem like a drastic measure to move to another country just to avoid taxes, but the amount of money involved is very significant for many people. Consider that if you earn $150,000 per year and pay 40% in income taxes, that is $60,000 per year that you pay to the IRS. Over ten years, that is over half a million dollars that could have been saved, invested or otherwise added to your net worth.
  • Alternate Credit Repair Methods
    If the trade line plaguing your credit report belongs to a collection agency, send the company a letter demanding that it validate the debt. Once the collection agency receives your debt validation request, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires that it provide you with proof that the debt is yours. The FDCPA doesn't require collection agencies to provide a debt validation within a pre-set time frame, but the collection agency cannot legally validate the debt to any other entity - including the credit bureaus - before validating it to you.
  • How to Get Finance If You Have Bad Credit
    If you need to borrow a larger sum of money, over a longer period, then consider a guarantor loan. Your credit score is immaterial, as the loan is underwritten by a guarantor who undertakes to repay the loan in the event you are unable to do so. The difficulty, of course, is finding a guarantor for the loan. A guarantor is usually required to be over the age of 21, a home or business owner and have good credit themselves. They need to be able to take over the instalments if you are unable to meet the repayments for any reason.
  • How to Update your Insurance Policies? (Life, Homeowner and Auto Insurance)
    A general rule of thumb in the industry is to insure clients for ten times their annual salary after taxes. Taking this scenario into consideration, if you receive a substantial raise, you may want to consider increasing the size of your life insurance benefit. What are the most common circumstances requiring an update to your car insurance policy? Perhaps the most typical one is adding a new driver to your insurance policy for your car. Not doing so may place your car insurance at risk, making your policy invalid and jeopardizing potential benefits.
  • Payday Loans With No Credit Checks - Do I Qualify?
    Guaranteed bad credit payday loans don't rely on your credit score, but you do have to meet certain eligibility criteria to get acceptance. Fast cash loans may have a high APR, but they remain a very affordable way of borrowing money. You get the cash you need today and don't have to repay it for at least 30 days.
  • Common Mistakes When Applying for Bad Credit Loans
    It's so easy to fall into a credit loop once you start with a bad credit loan. There is the tendency that once you've obtained a bad credit loan and paid off your bills to lighten your monthly payment load, you can easily go back to the old spending pattern that caused your financial problem in the first place. Many people assume they can afford the monthly installments to their bad credit loan even if in reality, they cannot. It's a mistake to think that what you need is a bad credit loan. Always try to first apply for a regular loan to take advantage of the comparably lower interest.
  • Obtaining a Home Equity Loan Despite Having Bad Credit
    A home equity loan is a type of loan that is secured by the equity in your home. The loan amount may be equal to or less than your actual equity. If you take out a home equity loan, the lender will hold the rights to your equity until the loan is fully paid. Lenders have lesser risks with home equity loans so they are more lenient in granting this loan type. Even those with bad credit may qualify for home equity loans. If you have poor credit and you wish to apply for a home equity loan, check with a few lenders. Most financial institutions have a specialized program to cater to people with less desirable credit.
  • Is Your Insurance Agent Working for You?
    Insurance can be complicated and irritating so it's tempting to just pay your premiums, shove your policies in a drawer and hope you're getting the right coverage and the best price available. Unfortunately, you could be paying way too much or, even worse, you may find out that you're not properly covered when a disaster strikes. Doing a little research now could save you money and insure that your family is properly protected.
  • Seven Steps To Easy Budgeting
    Fixed expenses are costs that do not change month on month. Some examples of these are rent, loan payments and utility bills. These payments are unavoidable, and necessary, therefore they should be given priority. Again, base your figures on actual bills that you have paid in the past. If you only receive periodic bills, for example a quarterly gas bill, average the cost to obtain the monthly expenditure.
  • The Consequences of a Credit Card Charge-Off
    Each time you make a payment to your credit card company, a record of that payment appears on your credit report. If the payment was made on time, this has a positive effect on your credit score. If the payment was over 30 days late, however, your credit score will drop. The reason for this is that the Fair Isaac Corporation, which is responsible for calculating FICO scores, places a high level of importance on timely payments. Your payment history has a greater impact on your credit score than any other factor. Once a credit card company writes off a debt, it will often sell that debt to a collection agency. This allows the company to recover partial compensation for the unpaid balance.
  • The Credit Reporting Period for Derogatory Debts
    Each creditor that reports debts to the credit bureaus, along with the credit bureaus themselves, must adhere to federal credit reporting laws. The Federal Trade Commission keeps a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) available on its website for all interested consumers to read and learn their rights. One of the goals of the FCRA is to provide protection for both consumers and lenders by limiting the amount of time certain accounts can remain on a consumer's credit report. This not only prevents an individual from having negative information on his credit report forever, it ensures that lenders have the most accurate records possible when they pull an applicant's credit file.
  • The Auto Industry Option Score: A Different Kind of Credit Score
    The Auto Industry Option score, like the FICO score, is calculated by Fair Isaac. The difference, however, is that the Auto Industry Option scoring method assigns individuals credit scores based primarily on their past vehicle loans and the account activity connected to those loans. If the only negative entry on your credit report is a couple of late payments to a vehicle lender, your FICO score will be substantially higher than your Auto Industry Option score. This could cost you the loan you want or result in a higher interest rate. All forms of derogatory information related to automobile loans, such as a repossession or a deficiency balance that was sent to collections, will negatively impact an Auto Industry Option score.

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